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19&20  is the first electronic journal dedicated exclusively to the study of the Brazilian art from the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century. It deals with subjects related to the visual arts in general (painting, sculpture, architecture and decorative/applied arts), as also with art criticism, artistic teaching and the institutions that protect the heritage of the period. Thought to have a quarterly periodicity, the journal also aims at giving more visibility to the primary sources presented in the site DezenoveVinte.
The major aim of 19&20 is to promote the expansion of the references in relation to the art and the artists from the nine twentieth-century, beyond the excessively reduced limits delimited by the Brazilian modernist historiography. In order to do so, the journal is open to several historical and theoretical approaches, accepting contributions from all the Brazilian states and from other countries, which could demonstrate the mutual interconnection between the several categories and levels of the Brazilian artistic field, as well as between the later and the international field, illuminating then inter-cultural contact zones.
We from 19&20 also believe that the electronic media constitute an alternative to the traditional academic publications, once that the electronic journals have the potential to develop new forms of interaction and communication between editors/contributors and the general public, a potential that certainly will become more stimulating than the one presently offered by the traditional journals.